List: Yelp's Top 100 Places to Eat in LA

Taking the No. 1 spot on the list this year is a Black-owned bakery where Yelpers say it's "FRESH FRESH FRESH" and like no other spot in LA, offering legit French-style croissants, chouquettes and sandwiches.

Photos by Barsha, Yelp user Mike C., Yelp user Brent M. courtesy of Yelp

Hungry? Yelp released its list of the top 100 places to eat in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley Monday, highlighting not only local favorites, but also hidden gems and spots tucked away in strip malls that they guarantee will keep you coming back.

The list includes French bakeries, Hawaiian cuisine, Mediterranean, sushi, and of course, tacos.

Yelp often releases "best of" lists -- like if you're searching for an Orange County bakery that takes the cake, check out this spot.

If you need a cool-down, an ice cream parlor that was ranked best in California also happens to be in OC.

How Does Yelp Determine This List?

Yelp takes the total volume and ratings of reviews to determine the best of the best. Yelp also said it ensures that the restaurants were open as of June 28, 2022, and had a passing health score.

So buckle up and grab some cash, and check out these LA eateries that Angelenos love.

1. Lou The French On The Block (Burbank)

Photo by Yelp user Mike C.
Lou The French On The Block (Burbank)

What Yelpers like: Croissants, chouquettes and sandwiches


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Yelpers are going gaga over this French bakery.

What Yelpers say: “This is HYPE! The fresh pastries here are inexplicable… You won’t get anything baked goods anywhere of this caliber in Los Angeles," Yelpers say.

2. Malama Pono Restaurant (Sherman Oaks)

Photo by Yelp user Brent M.
Malama Pono Restaurant (Sherman Oaks)

What Yelpers like: Spam crispy rice, horseradish crusted mahi mahi and beet salad

What Yelpers say: "The vibe is great and honestly I felt like I was on the island….right in the middle of the valley!” -Cynthia S.

3. Broken Mouth|Lee’s Homestyle (Los Angeles)

Photo by Yelp user Isabel M.
Broken Mouth|Lee’s Homestyle (Los Angeles)

What Yelpers like: Spam musubi and shrimp plate

What Yelpers say: "My sister and I both got the shrimp plate. Let me just say, IT WAS SO GOOD!! The garlic butter shrimp was flavorful and crispy, potato-mac salad was refreshing yet creamy and the purple rice complimented everything so well. Just thinking back to the shrimp plate has me drooling. If you are in the downtown LA area you must visit Broken Mouth and get the shrimp plate. You will definitely take your tastebuds to flavortown!” – Yelp Elite Vanessa B.

4. Barsha (Hermosa Beach)

Photo by Barsha, Yelp
Barsha (Hermosa Beach)

What Yelpers like: Hand of Fatima and lamb meatballs

What Yelpers say: Yelpers say: “A really cool mom n’ pop type of place with both intimate indoor space and a reasonable patio. Nice bar, inventive Tunisian/Middle Eastern menu, live music stage and a very hands on owner making sure everyone feels welcome and taken care of.” – Yelp Elite Mike M.

5. Curbgrill (Burbank)

Photo by Curbgrill, Yelp
Curbgrill (Burbank)

What Yelpers like: Breakfast, burgers

What Yelpers say: "Their green salsa in incredible! Albert is a gem and by having a limited menu they are able to focus on quality. Highly recommend!" - Orlando D.

6. Uncle Af’s (Agoura Hills)

What Yelpers like: Chicken Firecracker Sandwich, Chicken Burrata Sandwich, Super Turkey Sandwich

What Yelpers say: "This might sound crazy, but we booked a hotel in Moorpark just because of Uncle AF's. People say that you'll always be chasing that first time feeling, but nope! Uncle Af's is the real deal!! Their sandwiches are perfection, bread is amazing, and everything is perfectly harmonized." - Art C.

7. Kermes Taco Grill (East Los Angeles)

What Yelpers like: Pollo con crema, Taco de mole, Pollo adobado

What Yelpers say: "My recommendation would be the tinga volcano because it literally tastes like eating homemade tinga with the crispy taco shell." - Michael P.

8. Sapori Di 786 Degrees (Pasadena)

What Yelpers like: Bombay Tikka Masala, Fungi Lama, halal options

What Yelpers say: "I loved how fresh and non-greasy this pizza was! We ordered the Shrimp Tuscany, but they have a lot of fusion flavors like their signature Bombay Tikka Masala pizza which I will definitely try the next time I visit. The owner is absolutely the sweetest. You can tell he cares about his business and wants to make sure the customers are happy. He offered free drinks to us since we were new customers! Definitely one of the best pizzas in LA!! The crust is airy and crispy. You must order online, and they have limited seating outside." - Melissa J.

9. El Primo Tacos (Venice)

What Yelpers like: Al pastor, carne asada, cabeza tacos and burritos

What Yelpers say: "Best tacos in Venice Beach! Authentic fresh and cheap. Been eating here for around 4 years now its always the same $," - Ori B.

10. Le French Rooster (Burbank)

What Yelpers like: Kouign Amann, Croque Madame, pastries

What Yelpers say: "Cute French Bakery. Small space. No dining inside provided so we took the treats home. Would definitely come back again for the Kouign Amann. Kouign Amann- THE BEST. Would be happy just eating these honestly. Tastes like a yummy, GLAZED croissant!" - Janet K.

11. Wild Carvery (Burbank)

12. The Monta Factory (Pasadena)

13. Courtside Caffe (Burbank)

14. Makin Vegan Sushi & Izakaya (Agoura Hills)

15. The Good Good – Vegan Kitchen + Bakeshop (Los Angeles)

16. Chomp Chomp Food Truck (Los Angeles)

17. Mex Peru Gipsy (Los Angeles)

18. Miracle Bakery (Burbank)

19. OSTE (West Hollywood)

20. Street Tacos and Grill (Los Angeles)

21. Life Rooted (Burbank)

22. Drive Thru Pupusas (Los Angeles)

23. Down to Fry (Burbank)

24. Pisces Poke & Ramen (West Hollywood)

25. Mojitos (San Fernando)

26. Blue Water Cafe (Woodland Hills)

27. Glowing Juices/ Vegan Market (Echo Park)

28. Frogtowns Gourmet Tacos (Los Angeles)

29. ViaSelfie Fusion Kitchen (Burbank)

30. Maru Pit Stop (Los Angeles)

31. Variable Cafe (Los Angeles)

32. Cinnamon Indian Cuisine (Los Angeles)

33. Pizza Pazza Wood Fired Pizza (Burbank)

34. Leaf Cafe (Burbank)

35. Gol Tong Chicken (Los Angeles)

36. Submarine King (Burbank)

37. Tandoori Eats (Los Angeles)

38. Correa’s Market & Mariscos (Los Angeles)

39. Mex Cocina Cafe (Burbank)

40. Blasteran (Beverly Hills)

41. BBQ + RICE (East Hollywood)

42. TK Cafe (Burbank, CA)

43. Sulga House of Beef Bone Soup (Los Angeles)

44. Zaatar Factory and bakery (Burbank)

45. Roots & Rye (Echo Park)

46. My Little Home Thai Kitchen (Burbank)

47. Whistlin’ Dixie (Los Angeles)

48. Red Maple Cafe (Burbank)

49. LA Prime Caffe (Los Angeles)

50. Whata Peach (Studio City)

51. Three Borders Brunch & Grill (Los Angeles)

52. GuildHall (Burbank)

53. Emily Grill (Culver City)

54. Holbox (Los Angeles)

55. Chained Rabbit Craft Pub (Burbank)

56. Soseji (Los Angeles)

57. Altadena Express (Burbank)

58. Karuba’s Yardy Kitchen (Inglewood)

59. Porto’s Bakery & Cafe (Burbank)

60. Pokemotto Tarzana (Tarzana)

61. Uncle Johnny’s Burgers (Los Angeles)

62. n/naka (Los Angeles)

63. Perry’s Joint (Pasadena)

64. Tomato Patch (Woodland Hills)

65. Ponsonby Road Cafe (Los Angeles)

66. Kings Deli (Burbank)

67. Ma Dukes (Agoura Hills)

68. Tel Aviv Fish Grill (Tarzana)

69. Roots Indian Bistro (Los Angeles)

70. BB Kyu (San Fernando)

71. 401K Food & Wine (Venice)

72. MA’S Italian Kitchen (Burbank)

73. Rajas con Crema (Maywood)

74. LOVE (West Hollywood)

75. PSY Street Kitchen (Los Angeles)

76. Carnes Asadas Pancho Lopez (Los Angeles)

77. The Stanton HB (Hermosa Beach)

78. Brothers Cousins Tacos (Los Angeles)

79. Double Trouble Union (Los Angeles)

80. Flavors From Afar (Los Angeles)

81. LA Tacos & Kabobs (Los Angeles)

82. Grillers Mediterranean Kitchen (Glendale)

83. Banadir Somali Restaurant (Inglewood)

84. Tapatia Mexican Food (Culver City)

85. Barrio (Los Angeles)

86. Sushi Karen (Pasadena)

87. Quiadaiyn Restaurant (Los Angeles)

88. The Burrow Bar & Kitchen (Los Angeles)

89. Curry Kingdom (West Hollywood)

90. E Che Pizza and Pasta (West Los Angeles)

91. Alfalfa (Santa Monica)

92. Creamy Spoon French Bistro (Glendale)

93. Indian Masala House (Los Angeles)

94. Strada Eateria & Bar (Los Angeles)

95. Two Doughs Pizza Co (Agoura Hills)

96. Sustainabowl (Los Angeles)

97. Crustees Eatery (Los Angeles)

98. Umigame Japanese Kitchen (Sherman Oaks)

99. Sushi Miyagi (Los Angeles)

100. The Breakfast Shack (Los Angeles)

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