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The LA You May Not Know: LA's Neon Signs

Neon signs have been Illuminating Los Angeles nights since the late 1920s. In many ways LA and neon are made for each other. Our car culture and seasonable evenings have us enjoying nighttime LA, making the neon sign an eye-catching way for businesses to get our attention. But LA and neon have not necessarily had the easiest relationship. World War II shut down many rooftop neon signs, some never to be relit. As America grew post-war, LA's neon came to be associated with the city's film noir side of life, inexpensive motels, liquor stores and bars. The relationship sweetened in the late 20th century as neon's colors and artistic potential was embraced by artists and designers. Neon wasn't just for advertising, it was a means of creative expression found in private homes and public spaces. But technology marches on and now neon is faced with a new challenge, the rise in popularity of LED lighting. So don't take these beautiful, historic, pieces of LA history for granted. They are all around us, all we have to do is look, while we still can. Our story showcases where to find great neon as well as the incredible signs that are all still lighting up the LA night. Join Savannah Sinfield as she hosts "LA's Neon Signs."

Our thanks to Kim Koga, director of the Museum of Neon Art. Eric Lynxwiler, author of: "Signs of Life: Los Angeles Is the City of Neon"