Baby Dinosaur Display Hatched at LA Zoo

The babies are the ltest edition to an exhibit featuring 17 life-like dinosaur animatrons.

A display of animatronic dinosaur babies has been hatched by the Los Angeles Zoo.

The babies debuted on Friday as part of the "Unextinct at the LA Zoo" exhibit, a set of 17 life-size dinosaur animatrons. As children watched from behind a rope, the green hatchlings -- roughly the size of cats --- stood moving their tails from side to side beside the shadow of a hovering T-Rex.

There are seven babies, of the species Diabloceratops, a name meaning "devil-horned face." By bringing to life the extinct animals, zoo officials say they hope to warn about "the very real threat of extinction" faced by many present-day animals.

The dinosaurs came to the zoo in April, and will be on show until the end of October. The represented species also include the Brachiosaurus, which had an 18-foot-long neck and Citipati, which had feathers it used to protect its eggs, according to a zoo news release. Some of the creatures are as long as 22 feet.

Features of the exhibit include a simulated fossil dig and the chance to control a Stegosaurus robot. Entrance costs $5 on top of the price of zoo admission.

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