Lucky Larry the Rescue Dog Finds Fur-Ever Home

Larry suffers from severe separation anxiety but found a new home with a loving mom and he gets another chance.

What to Know

  • Regina Gifzpenc found the Labrador on Instagram and was touched with his story after knowing the dog was abandoned by his family.
  • The senior dog is adjusting well in his new home after being attacked by a neighbor's dog.
  • Gifzpenc hopes to spread awareness of taking good care of dogs.

A dog down on his luck finally got a forever home. You can call him lucky, even though his actual name is Larry.

Larry, a senior lab with health issues, has been rescued five times.

"They would return him after the two weeks, saying he doesn't get along with the dog or we have kids whatever the problem is." Then Regina Gifzpenc saw his story on a rescue site called old boy 909. "Someone said look up Larry the dog.

He was abandoned by his family and left in a parking lot for a year," she said. "No one really knows how long."

Gifzpenc's brother, who died a couple years ago, was also named Larry.

"I saw his story and it touched me," she said. The nonprofit, Love Leo Rescue, gave Larry another chance, but the question remained — would someone want to take home a senior dog with severe separation anxiety?


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"When he got in the car he was nervous," she said. "The guy has been through so much."

Larry was attacked by a neighbor's dog.

"Larry is wagging his tail, thinking the dog wants to play, but the dog knocked him over and latched to his neck." The bite barely missed Larry's jugular vein.

He's on the mend, but Gifzpenc wants to spread awareness among pet owners.

"If you know your dog is aggressive, be very conscious of everyone in your home making sure that dog is secure."

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