Los Angeles County Museum of Art

LACMA Fun: Yearbook-Worthy Artworks

The LACMA Local to-do finds the superlatives in the museum's stupendous treasures.

We stand at the dawn of a new school year, which means that yearbooks, as a concept, are not at the center of everyone's minds. (Save, of course, for the hard-working, always fabulous yearbook staffs, and those students still looking to get last year's yearbooks back from various signees.)

Yearbooks may be a May/June superstar, but their September stature is about to rise, thanks to an offbeat LACMA Local happening on Saturday, Sept. 3.

LACMA Local, of course, is the special membership created for regular visitors to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, with the aim to fold in offbeat experiences into the traditional act of viewing art.

And the "Yearbook"-themed LACMA Local day will definitely qualify as an offbeat, memorable experience. The goal of the morning affair is to "search for artworks that embody the classic descriptors from high school yearbooks, such as Class Clown and Best Dressed."

Fashioning further "back stories" for each character is also on the rollicking roster.

Is it a fresh way to view paintings you've seen before? Absolutely. Is art stuffy? Not in the least. Is there always a new route to art appreciation? Always, and viewing the people inside the paintings, or sculptures, through the lens of a yearbook, is a quirky but powerful way to approach connecting with a piece.

LACMA Local is 25 bucks to join on top of an existing membership, or $40 if you don't have a membership. Consider signing up if A) you like to do the whole museum thing in an unconventional way (yes, we said "museum thing" to further up the unconventionality) and B) if you enjoy meeting other locals in a low-pressure but lively atmosphere where the requisite ice-breaker conversations can revolve around art.


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There are several interesting LACMA Local to-dos just ahead, including one involving zombies. We'll just leave that right there, and back gently away. (Yep, it is related to the Guillermo del Toro "At Home with Monsters" exhibit, so that's fun. We mean frightening.)

Details? Here.

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