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Lake Elsinore Man Who Had Sex Dungeon Sentenced for Sexually Abusing Teens

"He believed he was a god. He believed that he would never get caught no matter what," a victim said.

A judge recently sentenced Morgan Fowler to more than 200 years in prison for sexually abusing teenagers. Two of his victims spoke exclusively with NBCLA -- one who told investigators about the horrors that were happening inside Fowler’s home, including a sex dungeon.

"He believed he was a god. He believed that he would never get caught no matter what," one of his victims, who is going by the name Holli, said.

Fowler was a haunt actor who went by the character name Trixster. Holli said she met Fowler because she was interested in doing halloween type makeup. At the time, Holli was 17 and Fowler was 26. Holli says their work relationship eventually turned into a sexual one.

"He would take vulnerable young women like myself and others, and he would say, 'I'm the shoulder to cry on, I'm a person you could talk to, I can understand you better than anyone else could,'" she said.

Holli says Fowler would manipulate his victims, turning them against their families to control them.

"He made you believe everyone was out to get you, that he was the only person you could trust," she said.

Fowler lived in a Lake Elsinore home, and Holli says inside the garage he built a sex dungeon.

Holli says the bed had a cage under it. There were also whips and hooks people could be tied to.

"He raped me in his own home, and I felt ashamed. I felt disgusted with myself and he made me believe it was my fault," another victim who goes by the name AJ said. "When somebody coerces you, puts his hands on you, or manipulates and rapes you, you feel powerless."

AJ was 16 when she met Fowler while volunteering with him at haunted houses. She said Fowler would have big parties at his home.

"Alcohol and drugs were always going to be readily available," she said. "His main goal was to create an environment where he could be sexually devious."

AJ says both she and Holli were finally able to get away from Fowler after about two years.

Holli is the one who first came forward to sheriff's investigators. They later found a total of 18 victims, many of them teenage girls.

Prosecutors say the assaults happened between 2007 and 2018. Last Thursday, a Riverside County judge sentenced the 32-year-old man to 215 years in prison.

"He was a predator, and is a predator," Holli said.

Holli is hoping parents listen to her advice so other kids don't become victims of sex predators.

"Talk to your kids. Tell them that they can trust you and you won't judge them because through all of this. I thought I was going to be judged and it was the exact opposite," she said.

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