Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant Helping Celtics Isaiah Thomas Behind the Scenes

Former LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant is helping Isaiah Thomas study game film in the NBA Playoffs

Speaking with reporters, Boston Celtics star guard Isaiah Thomas revealed that he's had a bit of help lately during the NBA Playoffs, and it comes from the most unlikely of sources: former LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant.

Yes, the self-proclaimed "die hard" life long Lakers' fan who went on to win five titles, including his final ring over the rival Celtics, has been secretly giving the Celtics an edge in the postseason, according to Thomas himself.

Thomas revealed that Bryant reached out to him after the passing of his sister in an auto accident, and since the five-time champions has shared his wisdom with the Celtics' guard, Boston is 6-0 in the playoffs and appears on track for the Eastern Conference Finals.

Prior to Bryant's intervention, the Celtics were 0-2 and looked headed for a shocking first round exit to the Chicago Bulls after losing both opening home games of the first round series.

Asked what specifically Bryant saw and what made Bryant's advice so helpful, Thomas refused to divulge the secrets of the future Hall of Famer. However, the 28-year-old shared that Bryant's attention to detail went as far as giving Thomas instructions on what to look for at exact points on time-stamped film.


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"He made me figure out a lot of things," Thomas said, calling Bryant reaching out as "the craziest thing that's happend" to him.

Thomas, who grew up as a fan of the purple and gold, also shared how surreal it felt to get a call from the Lakers' legend. Famously, Thomas got his name because his father, who was a die-hard Lakers' fan, bet his friend the Lakers would beat the Detroit Pistons or he would name his son after the Pistons' point guard. Obviously, the Pistons won.

With regards to Bryant helping the Celtics, the gesture appears to have originated following an unspeakable tragedy striking Thomas and his family, so one should probably look past why a die hard, lifelong Lakers' legend is helping the Celtics win in the playoffs--even if that is, seemingly, exactly what is going on.

With Bryant acting as a special Celtics consultant and helping Thomas, if the Celtics win the title, would Bryant get a ring? Would he be on the parade float?

Suddenly, Bryant's Steve Urkel slam poetry may no longer be the most surprising move of Bryant's life after retirement.

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