Lakers Land No. 7 Pick in Draft Lottery

After a disappointing 27-55 season, the Los Angeles Lakers entered the NBA draft lottery hopeful of getting lucky and moving up in their draft standing, but as luck had it, the ping pong balls did not break the Lakers' way.

The Los Angeles Lakers sent out legendary player and former no. 1 overall pick James Worthy to New York in the hopes that he would bring good luck for the NBA's draft lottery. Worthy even brought along a couple bobble heads for added positive vibes, but it did not work.

In the end, the Lakers finished roughly where they were expected to finish: seventh.

The only team jumping up in the top three from an outside position was the Cleveland Cavaliers, who miraculously moved up to the no. 1 overall pick.

For the Lakers, the seventh spot represented a 30.44 percent probability, which was second only behind staying in the sixth spot at 43.99 percent. This was not a surprise, but it was not what Lakers fans hoped for either.

Ultimately, the draft lottery did not hurt the Lakers, but it did not help either. The Lakers will have the opportunity to take a top-10 talent in the 2014 NBA draft or trade away the pick, as Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak hinted during a recent appearance at the NBA's draft combine.

The 2014 NBA Draft will be on Jun. 26, 2014.

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