Celebrities Respond to Request for “Carmageddon” Help

Dept. recruits stars popular on Twitter

Ashton Kutcher and William Shatner were among the first to respond to the LAPD's request for help promoting the upcoming 405 Freeway closure, but both men threw in a pitch for their own itinerary, as well.

Kutcher tweeted about the closure and then added, "In exchange, I would like a free pass on that stop light ticket, IT WAS YELLOW."

Shatner mentioned the closure and then suggested, "Stay at home, preparing for The Captains on 7/21 on Epix."

The Los Angeles Police Department requested the help from celebrities with large Twitter followings - to help get out the word of the 405 Freeway shutdown on the weekend of July 15th through 17th.

405 Commuter Toolkit: Maps, Detours, Schedules

LAPD has reportedly attempted contacting representatives for Lady Gaga, as well as Ashton Kutcher and his wife Demi Moore, along with Kim Kardashian. Those four have more than 30 million Twitter followers.

"We're utilizing TV and Radio, but not everyone uses those mediums so we're reaching out through social media contacts," said LAPD officer Karen Rayner.

City officials in recent weeks have held press conferences warning of the major travel impact "Carmageddon" will have on Los Angeles.

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