LAPD Chief Beck Condemns Ex-Officer's Manifesto

Christopher Dorner, accused in a deadly rampage, was fired from the LAPD in 2008 for making a false complaint of an excessive force report of a fellow officer

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck on Thursday stood by the decision to fire an ex-LAPD officer -- wanted in a deadly rampage -- who had written an online manifesto recounting his firing and proclaiming his innocence.

Beck said during a press conference on Thursday that a case involving an allegation made by the ex-officer, Christopher Dorner, of police brutality against an LAPD colleague was “thoroughly adjudicated” and was within LAPD protocol.

Beck gave no credence to Dorner’s manifesto, in which the suspect stated he was fired for making what LAPD authorities judged to be a false complaint of excessive force against a fellow officer.

"You will find Dorner’s statements to be self serving and the statements of somebody that is extremely unhappy with his lot in life," Beck said.

Police were searching for Dorner, 33, who is accused of fatally shooting two people in Irvine on Sunday before ambushing three officers on Thursday, killing one and wounding two.

Dorner was fired from the Los Angeles Police Department in 2008.

Former LAPD Chief William Bratton said on Thursday that he fired Dorner, but he did not remember him.

Bratton said he has read the manifesto but not documents pertaining to his termination.

"LAPD is best at what they do," he said. "I hope they find him before he does anymore harm."

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