Bratton: Christopher Dorner is “Injustice Collector”

Former LAPD Chief William Bratton, who fired the former police officer accused in a killing spree, said he doesn't expect Dorner to surrender.

Former LAPD Chief William Bratton on Saturday called ex-officer Christopher Dorner an "injustice collector" who never lets go and said he didn't think the disgruntled man would turn himself in.

Bratton spoke on the "Today Show" about the former LAPD officer wanted in connection with the killings of three people, including a Riverside police officer as part of a revenge plot outlined in an online manifesto police attribute to Dorner.

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Dorner is an "injustice collector," a term Bratton said police profilers use for those bent on revenge.

"Evidently, they finally reached a tipping point that lead to the series of violent acts the last few days," Bratton said during the interview, which happened on the four-year anniversary of Dorner's last day as a LAPD officer. "It is a day of significance, certainly in his mind..."

Bratton said he believes Dorner will not give up, based on his lengthy manifesto, blaming former colleages for his firing.

"The last thing he would want would be to be arrested by the LAPD and do a perp walk," Bratton said. "That would be the last injustice or the most significant one."

Deputies resumed their search on Saturday for Dorner, whose burned out truck was found on a foresty road in Big Bear. Bratton said that while there was speculation the truck may have been a distraction, there's evidence to suggest it may have become stuck in the mud before being lit on fire.

Dorner is accused in a string of shootings since Sunday.

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