LAPD to Dorner: “Enough is Enough”

The search in Big Bear turned into a standoff at a cabin Tuesday

As deputies and other law enforcement agents were engaged in a standoff Tuesday with a man believed to be Christopher Dorner, the LAPD issued a call for the former officer's surrender.

"Enough is enough," said Commander Andrew Smith at a 3 p.m. news conference. "It's time to turn yourself in. Stop the bloodshed. Let this incident be over."

Smith said the gunman barricaded in the cabin near Highway 38 and Glass Road is likely Dorner. The LAPD dispatched units to the area, but Smith did not provide details regarding the response.

"There's a tremendous sense of apprehension among our officers," Smith said. "Until he’s in handcuffs and until he’s in custody, nobody in our department is going to rest."

The search led to Big Bear Thursday after Dorner allegedly shot a Riverisde police officer. He was named as a suspect in the Feb. 3 shooting deaths of a couple -- including the daughter of a former LAPD captain -- one day earlier.

His burned-out pickup was found Thursday morning south of Big Bear Lake.

The standoff began at mid-day Tuesday after a report of a stolen vehicle and possible hostage situation.

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