$20 Million Worth of Drugs, Weapons, Cash Netted in Drug Bust

The LAPD was set to hold a news conference detailing the bust Thursday afternoon.


The Los Angeles Police Department announced a major bust Thursday, netting $20 million worth of drugs, along with weapons and cash.

The LAPD held a news conference detailing the bust Thursday afternoon.


Capt. Marc Reina said LAPD Central Area narcotics officers made the bust in the 800 block of San Julian Street in downtown LA, which included AR15 rifles, $150,000 in cash, and concentrated cannabis oil.

The total amount of drugs, mainly hash oil, totalled a street value of $19,664,000, Reina said.

In photos released by Reina, large bags of marijuana, jars of the so-called honey oil, a money counting machine, and other lab equipment could be seen.

Daniel Ontiveros, 24-year-old LA resident, was arrested in the bust after a community member complained to police. Three others were arrested for working there. They were also LA residents, whose ages range 24-27. Reina said it was likely used as a processing facility for retail and wholesale honey oil.

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