LA Archbishop’s Historic Moment at Vatican

Archbishop Jose Gomez gets loudest cheers and applause

Los Angeles' new Archbishop Jose Gomez was cheered during an historic Wednesday in Rome.

"It's wonderful. I feel the love of  the people of Los Angeles and their faith and their commitment", Archbishop Gomez said.

More than 250 Angelenos witnessed the pallium mass and ceremony inside St. Peter's Basilica.

St. Peter's was packed with the faithful from all over the world, but Archbishop Gomez had the largest number of supporters, according to NBC LA's Kim Baldonado, who witnessed the ceremony.

Gomez and about 40 other newly appointed Archbishops received a pallium, blessed by Pope Benedict.  A pallium is a two-inch wide circular wool band that is worn around the neck.

As each archbishop's name was announced by the Pope, there was polite applause. But when Archbishop Gomez was announced, there were huge cheers and applause from the LA contingent.

Gomez later said the other Archbishops were asking him where he was from because he had by far the largest and loudest cheering section.

"We really have a wonderful Archdiocese and I'm very happy to be in Los Angeles," Archbishop Gomez said.

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