LA's Most Exclusive Area Code: 747

Three little numbers can mean a lot in this town

We take status symbols a long way in this town -- right down to the area code. Oh, you’re a 747? That’s new LA.

Last May the city of Los Angeles announced the creation of the newest area code in the valley -- 747. Apparently there were no more numbers in the land of the 818.
However, six months later, not one 747number has been assigned.
“I completely forgot about it. I've never used the 747, and it's in my area,”  City Councilman Richard Alarcon told the Daily News.
Seems the 747 is pretty exclusive.
From the 213s (old school), to the 310s, 323s, 818s (circa 1984) and 424s (where’s that?), in this city of ten-digit dialing it's the first three matter. So what’s the ranking? You decide.
But apparently there will be a new kid on the block soon. Verizon Wireless representative Jon Davies says that the cell phone giant has about 2,000 747s to assign in the next few months.
According to the North American Number Planning Administration (who knew that was a real thing?), the introduction of the 747 is right on time, as the 818 numbers really will run out by the end of this year.
Alarcon says of the delay, "I would only hope it's not indicative of a lack of need, because [the push to create the 747 area code] was driven by need."
No worries. While the demand for cell phones was a leading cause in the first wave of area code expansion, LA’s obsession with wireless communication isn’t slowing down.
Ask anyone for their number and they can probably give you three.
All with different area codes.
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