Last Chance to Spin at a Seasonal Ice Rink

Both Bai Holiday Ice Rink Pershing Square and ICE in Santa Monica are gliding into their final days.

What to Know

  • Monday, Jan. 21 is the final day for the DTLA and Santa Monica rinks
  • Bai Holiday Ice Rink Pershing Square general admission is $9 and skate rental is $5
  • ICE in Santa Monica's all-day admission and skate rental is $15

Did you ever beg a parent to let you play one more video game, to let you hit one more ball or ride one more ride, or to give you a few minutes for one final lap around the ice rink?

Endings can be hard, regardless of what's wrapping up, but when a Super Amazefun Wow thing ends, and you know you're doing the last fun thing you'll do for awhile at a particular place, well, emotions can be heightened.

And such may be the case for those Southern Californians who wait for most of the calendar for the big seasonal outdoor ice rinks to return.

These are the icy attractions that pop up under the open sky, with special events like theme nights, curling lessons, and silent skate parties.

They begin in early November and have a way of bye-bye-ing come mid-January, a point we've now reached.

So prepare to perform your final axel jump of this run, and to glide mitten-in-mitten with your bestie, for both the Bai Holiday Ice Rink Pershing Square and ICE in Santa Monica are in the twilight days of their 2018-2019 calendar.


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Both rinks share the same final day — Monday, Jan. 21 — and you could probably skate at both spots on that day, if you plan your time accordingly.

The Pershing Square rink will observe open hours from 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. while Santa Monica will keep the vibe chill for twelve hours, beginning at 10 in the morning.

A bright side, though, if you truly dig these delightful, get-exercise, have-some-laughs attractions? You won't have to "wait for next year" to see one again. 

These rinks, and a number of others, have a way of showing up before or around Thanksgiving, which means you'll be triple-lutzing again in, really, just a matter of months.

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