Brewer Asks LAUSD to Honor Contract Buy-Out Provisions

Embattled Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent David L. Brewer said Monday afternoon that he wants the LAUSD board to buy out his contract.

"When adults fight, it can manifest itself in our children," Brewer said. "This must not become an ethnic or racial battle that infests our schools, our campuses, our playgrounds. This is not about settling an old score; this must be about what is best for every LAUSD student."

"Therefore, I have decided to do what I think is in the best interest of the children, to put all of our students first. Although my two years of service as superintendent contain an undeniable record of significant accomplishments, I am asking the Los Angeles School Board to shield our students from this contentious debate and honor the buy-out provisions of my contract," Brewer said.

Brewer added that regardless of the Board's decision, he would "continue to work for the children of LA and this nation."

Brewer declined to take questions from reporters, and board members would not comment.

Brewer, a retired Navy rear admiral, is midway through a four-year contract as head of the nation's second-largest district. He has been under pressure from some members of the LAUSD board and civic leaders to resign, but last week vowed in media interviews to stay on the job.

Brewer earlier addressed criticism of his administration by bringing in veteran retired Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines to manage day-to-day operations, a move widely viewed as positive. It apparently failed, however, to repair critics' perceptions that Brewer's management skills are not equal to the task of navigating the LAUSD's politics and funding crisis.

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