Lawyers in Florence Deadly Crash Say They Intend to Hold LAPD Accountable

The lawyers representing the families of two innocent people killed in a car crash in Florence back in August say they intend to hold the LAPD accountable.

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Prominent Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump was in South LA Wednesday, supporting the families of two innocent adults killed last month in a car crash.

Loved ones blame the LAPD because the collision involved a car sought by officers for a traffic violation.

The family members of the loved ones who died in a multi-car crash gathered at the Community Build Courtyard to back their lawyers plans of holding the LAPD accountable.

NBC4 has reported on the Aug. 19 collision that occurred on the corner of Manchester Ave. and Broadway that killed Janisha Harris and Jamarea Keyes when their BMW was struck by a Cadillac that had been sought by LAPD for a traffic violation.

The department provided a video and said the chase was over when the Cadillac ran a red light and hit the innocent car.

NBC4 heard Wednesday from the daughter of one victims and the mother of the other.

"It’s just sad I gotta wake up and my moms is not here," said Niarie Hunter the daughter of Harris. "I can’t be able to talk to our mom."

Loved ones were present as their attorneys confirmed plans to file a complaint and then sue the LAPD for allegedly pursuing the Cadillac and causing the innocent deaths.

"I’m here to seek justice. The LAPD needs to pay for this," said Sandra Green the mother of Keyes. "I can’t even sleep at night. My son is gone."

Matthew Sutton who was the Cadillac driver survived the collision and faces multiple charges including vehicular manslaughter. Lawyers say they also want police held accountable and want a review of LAPD pursuit policies.

"It’s heartbreaking when a wife gets the call and they need somebody to shepherd them and make sense out of something that makes no sense at all," Crump said.

The latest statement from the LAPD was in the crash video provided by the department. It did not address the status of the officers and also says this investigation may take months to complete.

"The reason why this case is so important is not only for these families," said Dale Galipo, one of the families attorneys. "These families don’t want to see this happen to someone else."

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