LéaLA, Feria del Libro en Español de Los Angeles

Organized by the University of Guadalajara Foundation USA, LéaLA, the Spanish-language Book Fair in Los Angeles aims to promote Spanish language literacy, as well as celebrate the Latino culture and its traditions.

Authors and the general public come together during LéaLA to participate in conferences and lectures on popular culture and the historical roots of Latin American countries.

LéaLA, creates a bridge as a Spanish-language book fair in Los Angeles within the Latino community and invites the non-Spanish speaking world to discover the richness of our language.

We are searching for ambassadors committed to this cause or who would simply like to learn about our culture. Areas range from directly assisting the general public, authors, and public figures from Latin America to participating in children literacy activities, assisting the production department or even dealing directly with guest relations. To volunteer, click here.

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