LeBron Chooses California — For His Camp

LeBron James is leaving Cleveland. For San Diego.

Not to play basketball — San Diego was smart enough to rid itself of the stench of the Clippers years ago — but for his popular youth basketball camp.

Mr. James has switched his five-day $650 summer basketball camp to San Diego from Cleveland this year, eliciting calls and letters from disappointed parents. LeBron James King's Academy co-director Damon Haley says the move was only meant to give West Coast kids a shot.

Southern California, the land of sunshine, has a deep pool of basketball talent. Plus, plenty of well of parents who don’t blink at $650, even in this economy.

The buzz about LeBron leaving the Cavaliers is 2010 has died down this season as the team has emerged as a title contender. But, little moves like this make you wonder, is his heart really in Ohio? Or does he think he could win anywhere he goes?

He'd be right about that second part.

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