Let Go of That Fro Yo

A popular place for a frozen treat is being sued for unsanitary practices

There’s no question, LA loves its frozen yogurt. Just drive down any main street and you’re sure to see several competing shops all offering essentially the same product.

Now there’s a way to distinguish one from all the rest, but it’s not in a good way.

Fro-yo-lover favorite, Yogurtland, has been hit with a class-action lawsuit for alleged unsanitary practices when it comes to making and serving their frozen treat.

Accroding to the press release, “By and through their staff’s own admission, Yogurtland, in violation of California law, reclaims and reuses product by either (1) emptying their product from the soft-serve machines and reusing old product the next morning or (2) leaving product in the soft-serve machines overnight for reuse the next day. Such practices create potential health hazards to customers.”


Also, the complaint says that Yogurtland’s product does not meet the California standards for “frozen yogurt” and that the company is in violation of laws because it failed to provide the yogurt’s ingredients to patrons.

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