Let Them Eat Crêpe

A Louisiana-style restaurant specializing in everything crepes is the perfect West Hollywood destination to fill your appetite.

As you walk in into Jack n' Jill’s Too  you might be greeted by Bob Lee, co-owner and manager, who has a Southern twang, but is not from the South of which you are thinking.
"Technically, I am from the South, South Korea," said Lee.

He credits his partner, a Louisiana native and head chef at Jack n' Jill’s Too, with creating the mix of French style and Southern cuisine.

"If you want desert crepes we have it, if you wants something spicy and savory we have that, if you want something creamy we have that as well."

And they have healthy. Lee calls it the "healthy and happy," a combination of non-fat yogurt, fresh strawberries, blueberries, bananas, walnuts and honey stuffed in a crepe.

Lee says his restaurant is one of the first crepe-style restaurants in West Hollywood.
"There was nothing like Jack n Jill’s Too in West Hollywood," Lee said. "It seemed like a good idea to bring crepes to the area."

"Louisiana style cuisine is more of spices and rich flavors, it has a bit of kick." Lee said.

One of the Jack n' Jill’s signature plates is The Quarter, named after the French Quarter in New Orleans.  It's covered in jambalaya sauce and stuffed with chicken and shrimp.
Along without the savory dishes Jack n' Jill’s Too is about an inviting environment.  
"This place is about eating, relaxing and being who you are."

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