LGBT Community Rallies After Slaying of Gay Son

Amir Issa, 29, was shot outside of the house and his body was discovered in the front yard

The murder of a son by his father allegedly because his son was gay has rallied LGBT activists in the San Fernando Valley.

They say it painfully reminded them of rejection from their own families. They are calling for more awareness.

What happened in North Hills was not only shocking to the LGBT community, it was also painfully personal, reminding them of their own history of rejection.

"It took me back to the moment when I was 17 and I  came out to my parents," said Ronnie Veliz, an LGBT organizer. "When I came out there was family rejection. I was told, 'You need to be straight.'"

Kevin Perez, Ronnie Velez, and Wilma Lara are part of Somos Familia Valle, an organization that encourages acceptance of LGBT youth that come out to their families.

They all wish they had a chance to talk with 69-year-old Shehada Issa. He's charged with killing his 29 year old son Amir  and a possible suspect in the killing of his wife. Their bodies were found at their home in North Hills last week.

"It made me feel that the fear and the lack of hope," said Kevin Perez, an LGBT organizer.

Lara had difficulty accepting his two lesbian daughters until he found other families with the same struggle.

"The relationship is much better now at home. Love wins at home," said Wilma Lara, a parent.

Activists say the tragedy is a reminder that gays, lesbians and transgenders are often still rejected.  But Veliz says his reconciliation with his own father shows there is hope.

"I love him," Veliz said. "He loves me. That's what makes my life so much better."

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