Lifeguards Save Injured, Beached Dolphin in Malibu

The LA County lifeguards send their marine friend "best wishes for a speedy recovery!"

Twitter: LA County Fire Department, Lifeguard Division

The Los Angeles County Fire Department, Lifeguard Division responded Tuesday to Point Dume State Beach on the coast of Malibu where a beached dolphin laid injured next to the surf.

Approaching the vulnerable mammal, lifeguards retrieved the animal from the shore before Marine Wildlife Rescue arrived and took the lead.

Servicing areas from the Pacific Palisades to Long Beach and Catalina Island, Marine Wildlife Rescue responds to stranding events wherein a living or deceased marine mammal has beached.

When whales or dolphins strand themselves, the underlying cause is usually illness or injury, but can also result from navigation errors or extreme weather.

Most beached marine mammals end up dying, according to a rescue nonprofit.

Sharing the experience in a tweet, LA County lifeguards said, "Sending our best wishes for a speedy recovery!"

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