Lindsay Lohan Free on $100K Bail

"Miss Lohan has created an impossibility to perform this sentence that was given to her by her own actions," said Judge Stephanie Sautner

Less than two hours after leaving the courtroom in handcuffs, actress Lindsay Lohan posted $100,000 bail and was released Wednesday, with an admonition from the judge that she must complete mandated community service before her next scheduled court date.

Judge Stephanie Sautner made it clear throughout the hearing that "probation is a gift," and the troubled starlet did not meet her mandated hours of community service stemming from a DUI and a jewelry theft case.

"I'm revoking her probation," Sautner said.

"Miss Lohan has created an impossibility to perform this sentence that was given to her by her own actions," said Sautner, presiding over the 40-minute hearing at the Los Angeles Superior Court West District Airport Courthouse.

The 25-year-old actress, who arrived in court in a white sleeveless dress and white scarf, her cheeks burnished dark brown, was handcuffed and taken into custody. A bond agent was with her in court and bail was quickly posted.

During the hearing, the judge told Lohan (booking photo, below) that she must report to the county morgue and perform a minimum of 16 hours of community service before the next hearing, scheduled for Nov. 2.

The star's publicist released a statement, saying, "Lindsay is hoping this matter will be resolved on Nov. 2 and the court will reinstate probation and allow her to continue fulfilling her community service."

Document: Lindsay Lohan Probat‚Äčion Order: Oct. 19, 2011 (PDF)

During Wednesday's hearing, the judge focused on Lohan's nine missed appointments at the Downtown Women's Center on Skid Row. The sessions were scheduled to last four hours each.

Lohan allegedly showed up just once, staying for about an hour.

Lohan was ordered in May to complete 480 hours of community service by April 2012.

Lohan's attorney Shawn Holley acknowledged that the Downtown Women's Center terminated Lohan's volunteer assignment after the missed appointments.

But Holley argued that the actress had completed other court-mandated terms of her probation, including therapy sessions. Missed sessions were preapproved, Holley said.

As Sautner reviewed the details of Lohan's service at the Women's Center, the actress shook her head firmly and crossed her arms in disagreement.

The judge interrupted the hearing to reprimand the actress with a stern "Miss Lohan."

She responded with a quiet "sorry," resting her chin on her hands. 

Holley told the judge that her client has a year to complete the sentence, calling Wednesday's hearing "premature."

"We're six months away from her deadline," Holley said.

Lohan pleaded no contest May 11 to a misdemeanor grand theft charge involving a $2,500 necklace taken from a Venice jeweler.

She was placed on three-year probation and ordered to spend 120 days in jail and complete the 480 hours of community service to which she had been previously sentenced for violating her probation in a 2007 misdemeanor DUI case.

Sautner had strong words for Lohan during the May court appearance.

"Don't give people reason to hate you," Sautner said. "Don't do stupid things that fly in the spirit of the court's order."

The "Mean Girls" star spent 13 days in jail last summer for violating her probation in the DUI case by skipping court-ordered alcohol education classes.

Wednesday's hearing was meant as a routine progress report on Lohan's community service, but the stakes were raised after reports emerged that the actress failed to keep her appointments at the Women's Center.

Within the past week Lohan began volunteering with the American Red Cross, but that switch was not approved by the court.

During Wednesday's hearing, Sautner said Lohan's work with the Red Cross would not be counted toward completion of the sentence since she did not approve the switch.

Before appearing in court, Lohan tweeted: "I just want it to be known, that just because I was not followed and photographed during the times I've gone to community service, does NOT mean that I wasn't following my obligations (by going) to the court.''

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