Pageant of the Masters Celebrates Power of the Muse

Master artwork comes to life

What inspires an artist to greatness? Who fuels their creativity? A unique theatrical production celebrates the power of the muse.

The 2009 Pageant of the Masters will devote this year's program to what inspires great painters and sculptors. In a live-moving canvas, the show will tell the story behind artists, their models and the resulting master artworks their relationships fueled.

Pageant of the Masters has a long-held tradition of celebrating great art under the stars in scenic Laguna Beach during the summer months. Since the early 1930s, actors have recreated famous classical and contemporary artwork on stage while a live orchestra accompanies their story. The recreations are so vivid and real audiences have come from around the world to enjoy the master productions.

This year's "The Muse" will offer fascinating insights into the creative process of some of the world's most gifted and renowned artists. Among the recreations you will see is the story of Paul Gauguin and the fresh inspiration he drew from his adventures in the South Seas. You'll also learn why American sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington turned to animals to inspire her greatest achievements.

Pageant of the Masters is 90-minutes long. Tickets are on sale now. Some seating has already sold-out. Pageant of the Master is brought to you by the Festival of Arts. The Pageant of the Masters website has more information on tickets, show times and performance dates as well as information on Festival of the Arts

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