Local Acts Highlight AGT Tuesday

Several local acts got their turn in the spotlight on America's Got Talent.

Pomona resident Mauricio Herrera laid it on thick Tuesday night, both on stage and back stage.

"I will deliver something that people are not expecting," promised Mauricio Herrera, from Pomona.

But the singing performance was all too much for Piers Morgan.

"Mauricio is just a great big slab of cheese. It's just so cheesy," according to Piers Morgan, judge.

But Howie Mandel saw the humor in it.

"To me he's comedic," says Howie Mandel, Judge

Mandel and Herrera even shared the same accessory.

"Me and him have the same belt," says Mandel. "He had the M, I had the H."

"A little bit weird, wasn't it? Howie having the same belt buckle as Mauricio," asks Morgan. "A little bit awkward."

The Purrfect Angelz are also from Los Angeles. The dance troupe has been together 10 years.

"We are definitely like sisters, because we spend so much time together. I mean, we fight like sisters, we love each other like sisters, we're there for each other like sisters, and this is a family, it really is," according to Lisa Ligon, of Purrfect Angelz.

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