LA Choreographer Helps Pink Soar

Choreographer and Aerial Artist Dreya Weber helped Pink Rise to new Heights at the Grammys

grammy aerial artist

Pink didn't pull off that high-flying Grammy act alone.

In her Grammy performance at Staples Center on Sunday night, she sang "Glitter in the Air" from her album "Funhouse" while dangling near the roof right above the audience. Painted in gold, and standing right below Pink, choreographer and aerial artist Dreya Weber made sure the singer went up at just the right moment.

Weber has literally lifted a galaxy of superstars including Cher, Brittany Spears and Madonna.

When you watch her in action, you can see how Pink's breathtaking performance was born. It took two and a half months to put together and it took a performer who was fearless.

"I've worked with a lot of magnificent performers, but I don't know anyone who would even feel any need to put themselves in this kind of position. It's a live show and you only get one shot, and there are no excuses to be made if something goes wrong, so it's a lot of pressure," said Dreya Weber, Choreographer and Aerial Artist.

In fact everything here was computerized and choreographed so precisely, even the slightest mistake could have meant disaster.

"It's very dangerous. She's just in a little cocoon of fabric," according to Dreya Weber, Choreographer and Aerial Artist.

And that's not even taking into account the water.

"I just had an idea that it would be so spectacular to get her wet. She's the only performer who I could imagine who could do it," said Dreya Weber, Choreographer and Aerial Artist.

Then Pink began to spin, sending water to the crowd below.

"I wondered if they had told all the performers because that aisle is the heavy hitters," said Dreya Weber, Choreographer and Aerial Artist.

No matter the water, the performance brought the audience to its feet, which is no small accomplishment in tinsel town.

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