Local Students React to President Obama’s Speech

Students at USC Give Their Reaction to President Obama's Speech on Monday Regarding America's Involvement in Libya

Obama USC

President Obama gave his first speech on Libya to the American people Monday night, defending the US role in the coalition assault.

Afterwards, a group of USC students analyzed the speech in their "Current Challenges in US Policy and International Law" class.

"I think really just he made it very simple, and said 'we're trying to help the people, and we're trying to get done what we said we're gonna do and now we're pulling back and NATO is going to take control," states Aaron Inlender, 3rd year law student.

"It seemed that President Obama was trying to make a forceful case to support intervention, while really being mindful of the legacy of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan," according to Professor Josh Lockman, USC Law School lecturer.

Did the speech sway skeptics or just reinforce previously-held positions with this group of students?

"I was kind of on the fence about it, and I think he did a good job in allaying some of our fears," according to Bryan Leishman, 2nd year law student.

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