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Long Beach Mayoral Candidates Remain Optimistic With No Official Race Results

The Long Beach mayoral candidates both remain optimistic in the race as ballots are continued to be counted and no official winner has been declared.

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Jonathan Lloyd/KNBC

It is not Rex Richardson’s first political rodeo, and his campaign isn’t stopping any time soon as they push to take a victory.

After Tuesday night, Richardson's team is feeling very optimistic about the return in the Long Beach mayoral race.

Tuesday night, the Long Beach vice mayor used the “v” word as he thanked his family, donors and volunteers.

To connect with his supporters, he discussed the issues he believes are weighing on voters whether their ballots have been counted yet or not. 

"I think voters really want to see a lot of focus on comprehensive solutions to homelessness and real investment in affordable housing for regular working people," Richardson said.

As NBC4 has reported, homelessness is a central element in this race although each mayoral candidate has taken different approach. 

Last month, city officials collectively pushed back, referring to the LA metro line as a dumping ground for the homeless who are shooed off the train at the last stop in Long Beach.

"We can’t take on a larger portion that our regional share of this regional crisis said mayoral candidate Suzie Price.

Price who is an Orange County senior district attorney issued a statement on Wednesday.

"Our democracy might be messy sometimes - and move a little slower than we would like - but over the next few days, I'm looking forward to catching up on much overdue time with family and friends while the County continues their work of processing ballots and counting all the votes," Price said in a statement.

Richardson says if elected, he will reflect on his background as a man of color. 

"I think a special sensitivity I will bring to the office to help understand the city does have a role in governing for equity."

The father of two who has been a councilmember since 2014 and Price who is also a current councilmember says she covered every square inch of the Long Beach shoreline town getting her message out in this election.

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