Zeppelin Rocks: Airship Eureka Lands in Long Beach

Hurry, before this opportunity floats away.

It's not the fastest way to get around.

And that's the point. Why rush when you can just relax and take in views above Southern California?

The zeppelin Eureka left the Bay area this week for Long Beach. The trip took all day, and that was just fine with passengers.

While here, Airship Ventures will offer tours -- starting at $199 -- through Nov. 24. Thirty-minute, one- and two-hour tours are available.

Eureka is 250 feet long. It's the only passenger zeppelin in North America.

Top speed? Probably about 60 mph.

But time really isn't a concern when you're floating 1,000 feet above some of the planet's most beautfiul scenery. The cabin seats 12 with floor-to-ceiling wrap-around windows.

"You can only do this in California, right now," said Alexandra Hall, CEO of Airship Ventures. "There's no other place in the United States where you can buy a ticket to fly on an airship.

"It's very quiet in here because we're not sitting next to the engines like we would be on a blimp. It also means we're really maneuverable because the engines are up on the side of the airship, where they can make the most difference, rather than trying to steer everything from underneath."

Ventures offers tours of LA, San Francisco, Monterey, Silicon Valley and wine country. You also can book special events, day trips and custom charters.

The LA tours include a Hollywood Studios Tour, Coastal Tour and Sunset Flight over Catalina Island. Date night just got more interesting.

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