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Los Angeles Considers Reducing Parking Ticket Fines

The cost of some Los Angeles parking tickets could be reduced under a proposal being considered by city officials, KPCC reports.

A report by the Department of Transportation suggests various options for changing parking ticket fines, according to NBC4's media partner KPCC.

The options include dropping the fines for expired meters and street sweeping violations by $10. Together, the meter and street-sweeping violations make up about half of all parking citations issued. Currently fines for expired meters are $63 in L.A. while tickets for street sweeping are $73.

The lower fines would place Los Angeles in line with neighboring cities like Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Pasadena.

"We want to show people that government is on their side and not on their back," said Councilman Mike Bonin, chairman of the council transportation committee that discussed the issue Wednesday, KPCC reports.

The Los Ageles City Council also is considering a proposal to allow the homeless and low-income individuals to perform community service instead of paying fines.

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