Amazing LA Murals

As the city of Los Angeles considers lifting the decade-long ban on murals, we have a gallery of murals that one councilman said could establish the city as the "Mural Capital of the World."

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The Los Angeles City Council is expected to vote to lift a decade-long prohibition on paintings displayed on privately owned buildings.
The council tentatively approved the ordinance, but a 12-3 vote -- with council members Bernard Parks, Paul Koretz and Bob Blumenfield dissenting -- finalized the measure and sent it to Mayor Eric Garcetti for his signature.
"The city of Los Angeles was known as a place where we supported the arts, where we had free expression on our walls,'' Councilman Jose Huizar has said in urging his colleagues to lift the ban.
Some Eastside communities in Los Angeles have long embraced mural art. Those murals often depict cultural and historical figures not taught in schools, Councilman Huizar said.
Councilman Jose Huizar said lifting the ban would re-establish Los Angeles as the "mural capital of the world."
The ban was originally put in place amid litigation over commercial advertising.
The ordinance establishes a process for registering new murals, sets fees starting at $60 per mural and imposes restrictions on the size and location of the artwork. It also restricts flashing or changing lights and other moving images on murals.
Foster the People
A mural, originally painted in January 2014, features the same colorful, surrealist artwork that adorns the cover of the Foster the People's recently released album "Supermodel."
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