Los Angeles Population is Exactly 4,094,764

Please welcome the 44,000 new Angelenos.

It's been two weeks since the number crunching of tax day. Hopefully that is enough time for your brain to be able to accept a few more courtesy of the Department of Finance.

It released population numbers Thursday.

California added 393,000 new people in 2009, and that puts the state’s total population at 38,648,000 as of Jan. 1, 2010.

LA and San Diego still have more folks than San Jose and San Francisco. San Jose cracked the one million mark one year ago. Land-locked San Francisco may never get there.

Here are the new top five numbers:

  • Los Angeles 4,094,764 (up 44,000)
  • San Diego 1,376,173 (up 17,000)
  • San Jose 1,023,083   (up 16,237)
  • San Francisco 846,610 (up 9,485)
  • Fresno  402,303  (up 7,000)

The report also does a housing count.

California's statewide housing growth in 2009 reflects the downturn in the housing industry by only adding 62,385 housing units. Finance’s annual survey shows a steady reduction in residential construction since the peak year of 2005, when the state added 197,477 new units; in 2006, 172,458 units were added; in 2007, there were 131,823 additional units; and in 2008, only 86,492 were added. These estimates are based on the annual housing unit change surveys Finance collects directly from local governments.

It found the decline in single-family detached homes continued as well. In 2008 39,596 single-family detached homes went up, but only 23,637 were built in 2009.

The reason the numbers come from the finance department is because finance is mandated to do a yearly nose count under the Gann Law, which limits spending by local governments.

Of the 480 California cities, 445 had gains in population, five experienced no change and 30 lost numbers.

The numbers do not include the 2010 census counts.  Those will be in next year's totals.

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