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New Campaigns Seeks to Inform Los Angeles Renters of Their Rights

The city's "Home for Renters" outreach campaign will target "vulnerable" neighborhoods

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a public-outreach campaign Monday aimed at informing renters of their rights under the city's rent-stabilization ordinance.

According to the city, about half of families in the city live in an apartment subject to the ordinance, which in part limits the amount of annual rent increases.

"The rent stabilization ordinance is the most powerful tool we have to keep families and neighborhoods together in a tight housing market," Garcetti said. "As we work to build new affordable housing, we also must make sure that residents know about the protections we already have in place.

The "Home for Renters" outreach campaign will target "vulnerable" neighborhoods with advertisements, door-hangers, informational pamphlets and online resources, providing details about the ordinance to both tenants and landlords, according to the city.

Information about the ordinance and the campaign is available online at

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