Seeing Green: “Emerald” Lotto Scratcher Lands SoCal Woman a Million Bucks

Christmas came early for a Southern California woman who won a million bucks from a lotto scratcher she bought at a gas station, California Lottery officials said Tuesday.

It was just another Monday for Maria De Cambra when she stopped at a Garden Grove gas station. She gave the attendant $60 to fill up her gas tank, but it only took $48. De Cambra used the remaining $12 to buy a pair of lotto scratchers, including the Emerald 10’s that would net her the top prize for that scratcher: $1 million.

De Cambra said the money will help her with her retirement, and she has no plans to buy something new or do something nice for herself, according to officials.

"I have an old car but it’s still in pretty good shape," she said.

De Cambra brought her winning ticket at a Mobil gas station at 11962 Brookhurt Street. The retailer will receive a $5,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket, lotto officials said.

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