‘Love Me Do' Drum Kit Up for Auction

Nate D. Sanders Auctions has the iconic instrument on the block.

When John Lennon's formerly missing Gibson J-160E went up for auction in the autumn of 2015, fans rightly swooned over the storied superstar instrument.

Fans of the Fab Four understood that the guitar was a true piece of art with real music-history cred: Mr. Lennon wrote "I Want to Hold Your Hand" on it.

It eventually sold for $2.41 million, but Beatles buffs will have another crack at bidding on a legendary slice of their favorite band's history, courtesy of none other than the "Love Me Do" drum kit.

You're correct, "Love Me Do" was the first single released by the superstar outfit, making the Ludwig-made percussion instrument used in its recording all the more lore-laden. Not lore, but rather based in history and widely known, is the fact that drummer Andy White played on the U.S. version of the single, and not Ringo Starr (Mr. Starr played the tambourine). 

The Andy White edition of "Love Me Do" can also be heard on the UK release of the "Please Please Me" album. (Yes, Pete Best and Ringo Starr also drummed on versions of the song, making it one of those parts of Beatledom that fans can readily discuss, with passion, at length.)

Nate D. Sanders Auctions is the LA-based house behind the bidding, which will go down — or very much up, rather — on Thursday, June 30.

The kit includes four parts, including a bass drum, a floor tom, a tom-tom, and a snare.


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As for the background of the instrument? "It comes from the personal collection of Clive Edwards, who studied drumming with Reg Weller," says the auction house. Mr. Weller was "a close friend" to Andy White, and the "Love Me Do" musician "obtained the drum kit for Edwards."

Starting bid? Pull out your checkbook, "Love Me Do" devotees, as the whole song-tastic shebang kicks off at $150,000.

Should you not be the winning bidder, but still need some Fab-Four-o-sity in your life, stay tuned. Ringo Starr and His All-Star Band's annual concert at the Greek Theatre is just ahead, on Saturday, July 2.

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