Kobe Bryant

Lowriders Were Kobe Bryant's Extended Family as They Paid Tribute to Laker Great

Fans turned out in droves to honor the Laker great Kobe Bryant during his memorial service on Monday.


A procession of lowrider cars filed through downtown Los Angeles on Monday to pay tribute to Laker great Kobe Bryant.

The event was organized by celebrity tattoo artist Mark Machado better known as "Mister Cartoon."

"If you ask anyone about Kobe that knew him, he was all about family and for lowrider community this is family for us," Machado said.

Machado and Bryant collaborated on several projects together.

"He'd come for logo work," Machado said. "He'd show up by himself or with Vanessa. No security or anything."

Lowrider Community Honors Kobe Bryant

LaVonne Michelle Gomez and her husband came from Azusa, leaving their home at 6 a.m. to drive their 1963 Chevy Impala in the lowrider tribute.

"Kobe was LA for 20 years and we owe him that honor," she said.

The love was felt at the Down & Out bar in downtown LA, which opened early to give fans a place to watch the memorial together.

"I felt like if I was at home it would be a lot harder," said Erick Rodriguez. "I wanted it to be more of a celebration."

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