Man Charged With Attempted Murder in Long Beach Molotov Cocktail Attack

The suspect, who has four previous felony convictions, saw his arraignment postponed

A man with a history of criminal convictions was charged with attempted murder Thursday after he allegedly threw a Molotov cocktail at another man in Long Beach, leaving the victim with burns over much of his body.

Jacob Timothy Lagarde, 27, of Long Beach, was also charged with five related felony counts in the Oct. 19 attack that police described as unprovoked.

His arraignment at Long Beach Superior Court on Thursday afternoon was continuted to Nov.8, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office said. Lagarde's bail was set at $1.2 million, the amount requested by prosecutors.

In announcing Lagarde's arrest Wednesday, Long Beach police had described him as a member of a gang outside of the city.

He allegedly walked up to a 54-year-old man in front of the El Paisano Ranch Market last week and tossing a lit bottle at a man who remained hospitalized in critical but stable condition. Surveillance video showed the victim running into the market's parking lot aflame.

Lagarde was additionally charged with one count of explosion with intent to murder, one count of explosion causing mayhem or great bodily injury and three arson counts, according to DA's office.

The complaint against Lagarde also alleged he personally used a deadly and dangerous weapon and that he personally inflicted great bodily injury upon the victim, the DA's office said.

Lagarde has four prior felony convictions, including robbery, grand theft and drug offenses, since 2003, according to the complaint.

He faces a sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole.

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