Mane Event: Hairdresser Buys Retired Patrol Horse

LOS ANGELES -- It looks like greener pastures are ahead for Bubba the horse and the city of Los Angeles.

The City Council voted Tuesday to sell a 12-year-old retired patrol horse to Hollywood hairdresser Laini Reeves for $1 because it would cost thousands of dollars to care for the thoroughbred horse.

Bubba has already undergone quite a makeover since meeting Reeves several months ago.

"He's the most amazing horse," Reeves said. "I wish I had done before-and-after photos because he was like a little fluffy ball. Now he's all clipped and groomed and exercised."

Reeves said Bubba was a racing horse before being sworn in as a patrol horse for the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks.

He recently retired from the department, and the city estimates it would cost $6,000 a year to care for Bubba. That prompted the city to make a deal with Reeves, who was recommended as a potential owner by various animal rescue groups.

The hairdresser met Bubba several months ago at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center where she was keeping another horse. He was well-fed and sheltered, but Reeves became a volunteer for the recreation department so she could take him out for walks.

Bubba's circle of friends has expanded quickly since joining Reeves. Several other women at the stables -- including actress Bijou Phillips -- have also agreed to give their time and resources to care for Bubba and pay for his board and training.

"We just want to take him on and give him a second chance," Reeves said.

Councilman Tom LaBonge originally proposed selling Bubba. Two more horses will likely be sold in coming weeks, said Carolyn Ramsay, a spokeswoman for LaBonge's office.


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