Many Californians Still Talk, Text, Drive

Though it's illegal, nearly 10 percent of California drivers talk or text behind the wheel

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, so it's fitting that law enforcement officers up and down the state are cracking down on drivers breaking California's cell phone law.

At least 20,000 people have been cited for handheld cell phone use and texting during the first two weeks of the current month long crackdown, reports the Capitol Television News Service, a subscription news service.

And a new survey has learned that 9.8% of Californian's violate that cell phone law at any given time.

Compare that to 9 percent nationwide, as reported by City News Service.

The finding comes in the first statewide observational survey of cell phone use by drivers ever undertaken, reports CTNS.

Men and women used their cell phones equally behind the wheel the survey found, as reported by CTNS, though young people were more likely to violate the Hands Free Law.

The survey was based on the observation of more than 5,400 drivers in 17 different California counties.

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