Map: Black History and Cultural Sites in Los Angeles

Use the map below to explore landmarks and other locations representing part of Los Angeles' culture and history.

There are places deeply rooted in Los Angeles' history with stories that echo through generations. Some have a story to celebrate, forever linked to a barrier that was broken and challenges overcome.

Others serve as a warning from history, reminders of the struggles faced by courageous change-makers who sought justice and a better tomorrow for everyone.

On the map below, you'll find some of those places, like the African American Firefighters Museum, Biddy Mason Memorial Park and other locations that showcase the legacies of ground-breakers in Los Angeles. There are buildings designed by an architectural pioneer, a home where one of the world's most accomplished diplomats was raised, a West Adams office tower that stands as a monument to ingenuity and determination, and a baseball stadium named in honor of an American hero.

Click the arrow on this map below to explore. 

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