Mashed Potato & Gravy Ice Cream: It's Real

'Tis the season for traditional eats, so consider this quirky choice as a stand-out sweet.

One of the interesting and undernoted elements of the traditional Thanksgiving meal is that once an ingredient or foodstuff makes a cameo in a dish, it doesn't typically make another appearance over the course of the meal.

Cranberries are confined to the cranberry jelly, while the tiny marshmallows form a gooey roof to the pan of sweet potatoes. And the turkey? There can be only one.

But you can now have your mashed potatoes and gravy and then have them again, a little later in the meal, during dessert, only not in the way you enjoyed them the first time.

The carb-tastic, fill-the-belly side dish is now an ice cream flavor at Salt & Straw, the Portland-started ice cream shop that landed on Larchmont Boulevard a couple of years back (and currently boasts a few more locations beyond its first).

Described as "salty, buttery goodness," Buttered Mashed Potatoes & Gravy ice cream is ribboned through with white chocolate gravy and a starchy-sweet kick. It's available by the pint, but note that if you are tasked with showing with dessert on Thanksgiving, the Salt & Straw shops will be shuttered on the holiday (so pick up that pint by Wednesday, Nov. 23).

One heart-kind bonus? The chain has a "Buy a Pint, Give a Pint" program on now, which helps out the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. The company will donate a pint to the food bank for every pint purchased (giving many families across the region a delish dessert to wrap up their holiday meal).

Not into mashed potatoes? There are a few other seasonal flavors to peruse, including California Acorn & Chestnut Stuffing.

Tasked with making the mashed potatoes for your family dinner or Friendsgiving? Lend some laughs and surprise to the table when you show with two versions of mashed potato goodness: One that is all about actual whipped potatoes in a pan and one that is scooped from an ice cream container.

You'll be the talk of Thankgiving, you and your mashed potato ice cream, and probably for a few Thanksgivings still to come.

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