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Giant Beehive in Hollywood Has Lookie-Loos Buzzing

Though some expressed concern for bee stings, others were glad to see them.

What to Know

  • Authorities have not released information about possibly removing the hive.
  • Experts say the rainy weather expected to make landfall soon may aggravate the bees. Pedestrians are advised to stay clear of the hive.

Leroy Ware was visiting iconic Hollywood Boulevard Tuesday when he stumbled upon a sight high up in a tree that stopped him in his tracks.

No, it wasn't a Hollywood street performer practicing a new stunt. Ware was shocked to see hundreds of bees flying around a giant beehive up in a tree.

"I'm allergic to bees if a bee stung me," said Ware. "The city should remove this. This is in a major tourist area."

Pedestrians walking past the Hollywood tree, stopped and looked. Tourists took pictures.

Shea Cruikshank was not as concerned.

"I love that they are here," he said. "I'm sure there are flowers here that need to be pollinated."


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It wasn't clear Tuesday night whether or how the hive was going to be handled.

Nicole Palladino, the founder of Bee Catchers Inc., based in Van Nuys, said the hive was reported to Los Angeles County vector control and Hollywood officials.

The hive has some 100,000 bees and weighs over 100 pounds, Palladino said.

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