May 27: what's Jen Clicking on Between Newscasts?

To Pee or Not to Pee ... When, is the question ...

As we look back at the unofficial gateway of summer, Memorial Day weekend, the summer movie season is upon us.  The Blockbusters with those expensive scenes that cost way to much to cut ... those movies with running times that are 2+ hours.  Add to that the fact that a small Coke at the concession counter these days is about a gallon's worth, and you have a recipe for disaster.

You gotta go sometime, but when to make a break for it?  My web guru Jon Lloyd sent me this link yesterday with the note, "keep an eye on the "N' in "runpee." 

It's a movie database that tells you when, in each movie out in theaters, is the best time to, well, run and pee.  (the "N" turns yellow, starts to fidget, then takes off) Editor's Note: When "n" returns, it doesn't whisper to "u" or "P," "What did I miss? Just tell me! I can't hear you!"

 You can see here for Star Trek, there are "Multiple PeeTimes available."

I'll bet the movie makers like to see what editors think are the optional portions of their films.  Personally, I want to know, in the romantic comedy, when the musical montage is coming up, especially if it's the kind where they're singing into their hairbrushes or curling irons. 


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One thing I really like is that there's a scrambled summary of what you will miss when you run to pee.  You get this code, and when you click the button, it gives you a summary of the part of the movie you missed.  It's a great way to offer up the information without the threat of a spoiler if you decide NOT to go at that moment.

Baltimore Movie Examiner's Tom Clocker calls it "the most helpful movie website ever."  He writes:

The site has some really cool features. First, it tells you the best part in the film, including the timestamp, to go to the bathroom. Then, it tells you approximately how long you have until the movie “gets good” again and you should be back. Next, it has a description of the scene in scrambled text. If you are pretty certain you will use the bathroom during the scene you can unscramble the text and actually read what you will miss ahead of time, or if you choose, do this after you get home. So no whisper-shouting, “What did I miss?” We ALL hear you two talking.

The problem is there's no mobile version of this yet (it's really new) and since the person behind it  is a flash platform developer, there are no plans for an iPhone ap.

Pretty cool though.  I tried to browse a few movies I've seen, to see if I agree with the "missable" parts, but the site is crashed on my computer right now.  Actually my whole computer is sort of frozen so ... I guess that's all I'm clicking on today!

Oh, plus we have a promo shoot to do downstairs in the studio this morning to PROMOTE OUR NEW 4-4:30am newscast so I have to run.  Yes, really, 4 am.  Check it out if you're up early ... er, late ... tomorrow.

Editor's Note No. 2: Leave a nice comment for Jen below -- then check out the gratuitous swimwear slideshows above. Between her computer adventures and some discombobulation from the schedule change, it's impressive she was able to click on anything today.

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