Apologetic Los Alamitos Mayor Cleans Up Mess

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif -- Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose found a smashed watermelon at his office's doorstep Wednesday morning, a day after widespread published reports about his e-mailing a depiction of the White House with watermelons superimposed in the garden area.
Grose called police around 8:20 a.m. to Event Medical Services Inc. at 10765 Noel St. where officers saw "what appeared to be a watermelon" that was evidently thrown at the area outside the door, said Los Alamitos police Capt. Bruce McAlpine.
It caused no damage and police took an incident report, McAlpine said.

"Because there was no damage to the office, it's not considered a vandalism," he said.
There do not appear to be any witnesses, McAlpine said.
Grose sent the e-mail, titled "No Easter egg hunt this year," from his personal account, over the weekend to community volunteer Keyanus Price, a black woman who said she found it racist and offensive.
Price could not be reached for comment, but said in published reports that she was horrified by the depiction.
Grose called Price to apologize to her and e-mailed her an apology,saying he did not intend to be offensive. He also apologized to her boss and members of the City Council.
Price has said she wants a public apology.
The emotions stirred by the e-mail prompted police to periodically observe Grose's business and home throughout the day, McAlpine said.
"We will sort of keep an eye out, certainly as the whirlwind of the story unfolds and to the point where it calms down," McAlpine said. "No matter if it is retaliation ... we don't want anyone to feel it is OK to act out in this manner.
"We want to show we are aware ... to show a presence to hopefully deter any further acts."

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