Media Mob Goes Mad and Octomom Calls Cops

Nadya Suleman asked cops to protect her new family from media

It's no secret the media was out of control covering the homecoming of Nadya Suleman's two octuplets to their new La Habra home Tuesday night.

Butr things got so bad around 10:30 p.m. that Octomom made an emergency call to La Habra Police asking them to come to her home to clear aggressive paparazzi out of her garage.

Suleman had to pull through a gauntlet of media and neighbors as she parked her car in the garage.  Dozens of media, hungry for pictures of the two infants, followed her into the parking area.

Suleman closed the garage but the media continued to push on her garage door. That's when she called the cops and said that the paparazzi were getting "dangerous."

Listen to the entire 911 call.

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