Suspected Pot Smugglers in Speedboat Busted After Chase

The U.S. Coast Guard assisted Mexican authorities in seizing 427 pounds of pot from a speedboat whose operators were eventually arrested south of the border, the federal agency said Saturday.

The suspect vessel was spotted by the crew of a Coast Guard C-130 on Thursday, and two ships were sent to intercept the vessel, according to the Coast Guard.

From the Coast Guard cutters, four men aboard the boat were seen tossing bales of marijuana into the water as the boat sped away.

Authorities recovered 427 pounds of marijuana from the water, and the same boat was spotted Friday in U.S. territory and chased into Mexican waters, according to the Coast Guard.

Mexican authorities stopped the boat, arrested the four men and confiscated a bale of pot as evidence. The seizure was the thirds of its kinds since November, with a total of 7,383 pounds of marijuana confiscated.

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