Menchie's: Smile It Forward Month

World Smile Day, with a buy one, get one free deal, is a centerpiece of the giveback event.

If you've ever departed a Menchie's clutching a tasty cup of frozen yogurt, you likely noticed the upbeat message emblazoned upon the cup: We make you smile.

The Encino-headquartered company has prompted many a grin from yogurt-craving dessert buffs since its founding just over a half decade ago, but October 2016 is a bit special in the beam-sharing department.

Why in particular? It's Smile It Forward Month, which Menchie's describes as being akin to the Pay It Forward movement.

How does it work? One thousand "Smile It Forward" cards will be handed out at Menchie's shops during October, with the hope that the new holder of the card will do something nice for someone in their community and then pass the card on so the good feeling will ripple forward via more "random acts of kindness."

What good can a little card do? The company is crossing its proverbial fingers that over 400,000 kind gestures will spring from 1,000 cards, cards that should look a bit tattered, in a few weeks, due to changing hands so often.

The yogurt-tasty dimension of it all? If you share a good-hearted happening related to your card on social media along with #spreadingsmiles, free frozen yogurt could be yours for an entire year.

That isn't the only free yogurt that's involved in Smile It Forward Month. Friday, Oct. 7 is World Smile Day, and if you swing by your local Menchie's from 4 to 7 p.m. and buy a frozen yogurt you'll nab a free one for your BFF.

That's sure to encourage a grin. For all of the Smile It Forward plans, and to find your closest Menchie's for your buy-one-get-one deal on the afternoon of Oct. 7, point your spoon in this direction.

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