Mermaids, March Is Your Month at Ventura Harbor Village

Shine up your tail and swim for the shop- and eatery-filled area for deals, doings.

What to Know

  • Ventura Harbor Village
  • Mermaid Parade on March 23
  • Mermaid Meet & Greets on March 9, 23, and 30 from 1 to 4 p.m.


It's pretty legendary, for sure, but like anything in this world, it has its ups and downs.

You say you're a mermaid who wants to hang out with the narwhals for a few hours? You know the dolphins'll be jealous.

You're eager to see how the whale migration is doing? Wouldn't you know it, a big pod just passed by, while you back home in your grotto.

Mermaids sometimes need a break, a little R&R, is what we're saying here, and, each March, Ventura Harbor Village kindly gives them a special spotlight. For that's when Mermaid Month swims through the area, which rocks an assortment of shops and eateries.

Mermaid Month has as many merry goings-on as a tail has scales, or just about, so choosing your day, or days, is as essential as krill is to a hungry cetacean.


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A major centerpiece of the month-long lark?

It's the Mermaid Parade on Saturday, March 23, but isn't just for cheering on from the sidelines. The public is invited to go "sea-themed" in their sartorial choices and join in, so best find your most shell-y suits and gowns.

Mermaid Meet & Greets are also popping up on three select Saturdays — March 9, 23, and 30 — while there's a Monday through Thursday deal on the Mermaids Curse Room at The Ultimate Escape Rooms.

Dessert-tastic "Mermaid Cones" at Coastal Cones, deals in shops, and other tail-flipping fun times are breaking the waves throughout the month.

Mermaids, you're busy out there, in the Big Blue, so come ashore this March, in Ventura Harbor Village, for a little well-deserved diversion among the landlubbers.

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